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Little Bit Farm LLC is a miniature and exotic farm in Bandera, Texas (Cowboy Capital of the World). We are nestled in the Texas Hill Country. We raise miniature alternative livestock, consisting of Miniature Horses, Miniature Donkeys, Miniature Zebu Cattle, Miniature Goats consisting of Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature LaManchas as well as Wallabies and a variety of Parrots.

Why miniature livestock? I believe that miniature livestock is the wave of the future, there are very few " big" family farms any more, and most people would like to get back to the country and maybe their childhood roots or get out of the busy life of the city and get into the country as first time farmers , miniature livestock meets those need and wants. You can raise cattle, horses, donkeys and goats on small acreage. The animal's requirements are far less than the normal sized livestock such as, the ease of handling, they are smaller and much easier to handle making it far more enjoyable for senior citizens and children.

Here at Little Bit Farm I bottle the goat kids, Wallabies, Zebu calves and handfeed the baby parrots and work with the other animals after weaning to try and ensure that these will be some of the most lovable and manageable animals you will ever encounter. There is a practical side to this also. I also milk my goats and make soaps and lotions. The goat milk you can drink, make cheese and a variety of other products.

Take a couple of minutes and enjoy my website. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Little Bit Farm LLC

Clyde and Laurey Rowley

P.O. Box 152

Bandera, TX 78003




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