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The Miniature Donkey is believed to be a native of the Mediterranean Island of Sicily and Sardinia. To be considered miniature by breed standards they shall be 36" or under. The color on the donkeys can be grey, spotted, brown and black, sorrel and a few other variations. The grey being the most common. A lot will have a cross across their backs and commonly called the " Bethlehem Cross or Bethlehem Donkeys" with reference to the Bible. Miniature Donkeys are curious loveable creatures that love attention some are used as pack animals, guard animals, and pets they also can be taught to pull a cart. Full intact jack donkeys are not recommended for guard animals. For more information on Miniature Donkeys contact MDR (Miniature Donkey Registry) or NMDA (National Miniature Donkey Association)
I love the story of the cross on these little donkey's backs there are different stories why they have a cross. One is the cross is a sign that it was blessed by Christ, another goes; "Bring me the colt of a donkey" was the Master's request a young donkey was brought to Jesus to carry him into Jerusalem. A week later Jesus was ordered crucified. The little donkey so loved the Lord that he wanted to help him carry the cross. But alas, he was pushed away. The sad little donkey waited to say goodbye until nearly all had left. As he turned to leave, the shadow of the cross fell upon his back and shoulders. And there it has remained, a tribute to the loyalty and love of the humblest of God's creatures. I would love to think this is true.
Here our some of our Miniature Donkeys on the Farm


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